3 Reasons to Keep a Journal

3 Reasons to Keep a Journal

Value attribution

Some people like to use special notebooks to keep their memories, while others are perfectly fine with more simple vessels.

People tend to value more the things that are more expensive, giving them a different treatment.

If you buy a cheap notebook you might not care too much about how you gonna use it.

On the other hand, if you buy a more expensive/beautiful one, you will probably respect it more, and assign it a lot more meaning.

Value attribution 3 Reasons to Keep a Journal

Diaries for daily reflections 

Journaling every day can be a great way to keep notes of the little things that happen in everyday life.

Some people choose to journal only about the special moments they had, reserving the rest of the practice for self-reflection and answering questions like:

What did I learn today?

How I am feeling today, and what happened in my day that generated that feeling?

And the favorite of many:

If I could live this day again, what would I do differently?

If you have too much routine in your life you might think that you have nothing to journal about, but that shouldn’t stop you from journaling every day if you find it helpful.

You could ask:

If I had no limitations, how would I live tomorrow’s day?

Having a daily journaling practice is a great way to do mental and emotional health maintenance.

Remember, journaling doesn’t have to be just about writing. Any form of art journaling is as effective as just writing.

Diaries for daily reflections

Use in rituals or special occasions

When you develop the habit of journaling, you might find yourself using it in a sacred way and as a self-care ritual.

You can keep some journals for your daily practice and others for specific occasions/events only.

Use in rituals or special occasions

Keepsake Journal

If you wanted to have a journal to pass down information to the next generation, what kind of notebook would you use?

Can you imagine the impact they would have by having a beautiful book with your most treasured memories and wisdom?

Your story is worth being kept in a unique journal.

Keepsake Journal