4 Reasons to Choose Handmade Journals (6)

4 Reasons to Choose Handmade Journals

Handmade products have a unique charm, but unfortunately, many people have moved away from handmade items after the introduction of machinery in virtually all sectors. But despite the mass-produced, there are buyers who are more interested in handcrafted goods and what they offer. Handmade journals are a good example of such products that have gained quite a lot of popularity.

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They Are Unique Pieces of Art

One of the most dominant, although least quantifiable, reasons to choose a handmade journal is that they are truly unique pieces of art. They don’t come from a big company. The nature of handmade journals means fewer of them, so when you buy one, you are getting something almost as unique as you are.

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They Make the Best Gifts

Handmade journals are the best gifts and can certainly leave a mark on someone’s heart. This is because they are unique or limited edition items, which makes people feel special.

The detail in the present, the resources, and the time spent to make such an item also make the gift valuable and special.

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I can’t speak for everyone, but as an artist, I love recycling materials and giving them a second life.

Instead of throwing away my mail and junk mail, I re-use it by applying a layer of gesso to cover up the personal details and then adding layers of other materials to create pages for the handmade journals I create.

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They Support Independent Artists and the Tradition of Skilled Work

Not only is supporting your local craftsperson great for the community, but it is also good for the art. As technology makes it possible to replace skilled artists with machines, it’s important to help keep handmade goods a financially feasible career choice.

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In conclusion, there are several key reasons to choose handmade journals. While the choice of a journal is very personal, if you like art, handmade items, as well as the uniqueness of a product, you will certainly love what handmade journals have to offer.

What are your favorite handmade gifts?