Alchemy Journal: Writing a New Life

Alchemy Journal: Writing a New Life

Writing a new life with an Alchemy Journal, similar to scripting, is a powerful technique to literally write things into existence.

But the Alchemy Journal combines the power of intention with the written word and/or images.

Alchemy Journal

An Alchemy Journal is similar to an Alchemy Box, but I prefer the journal because it takes less space and gives me the same results.

The difference between Scripting and an Alchemy Box is that when you are scripting, you write in the present or past tense, like if the event had already happened, and you were telling the story/experience to a friend.

In the case of the Alchemy Box, you make a request to the Universe of the things that you want and let the Universe take care of it, similar to when you go to a restaurant and order a meal. When the meal is ready, the waitress will bring it to you. You don’t tell the chef how to cook your meal.

This technique puts you in an unknown place because you are not the one telling how it happens, you are just making the request.
So, in my case, I use a journal instead of a box and combine scripting with images. Of course, everything starts with intention.
This is a picture of my Alchemy Book of 2021.

Alchemy Book of 2021

I create journals for you.

That’s the reason why I don’t decorate the journals heavily. Besides, I don’t like bulky journals when I am writing on them, and I assume that other people feel the same.

I want you to make them your own and personalize them with:

  • Your writing (creating your dreams, getting rid of all things that no longer serve you, treasuring your stories).
  • Your drawings
  • If you can’t draw, fill them with images downloaded from the internet, stamps, or magazine cut-outs.

What matters is that you create your own magic with all the intention that you are putting on your journal.