Health Benefits of Journaling

Health Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is a simple yet effective practice that has the same positive effects as therapy.

In fact, journaling is writing therapy as well as a self-care practice.

Many people cannot afford to pay for a private mental health practitioner, but anyone can afford to buy some paper and a pen.

I once experienced a form of talking therapy. Talk therapy gives you the chance to express yourself, and get things out of your chest but you can have the same effect by writing things down.

That experience was a private session with a coach, and he didn’t say much other than ask some questions.

He was awesome at holding space, however, I found that the biggest benefit of that session was the opportunity I had to listen to myself as I spoke out loud what were the limitations that were holding me back.

The answer didn’t come in the session, it came after the session as my brain become processing the conversation.

I had all the answers within myself, talking out loud was the way to unlock them!

However, many people are put off by revealing their private concerns to strangers, even if they are health professionals. 

Fears of shame, guilt, and blame make us feel vulnerable or afraid of being judged.

Journaling solves this problem. You can deal with your problems and develop your own healing process without the need to involve another person. By doing that you remove the pressure of exposing your feelings or private affairs to others.

Mental Health Benefits

Mental Health Benefits

We need to take care of our mental health with the same attention we care for our physical health.

The problem with mental health disorders is that, in most cases, they cannot be seen, and usually can only be detected by having a personal interaction with the person.

While some are easier to detect, others can go totally unnoticed. The reason for that is that most people tend to hide it.

It’s not socially acceptable to admit that you have a mental issue going on. That makes people feel uncomfortable. We were taught to hide all parts of us that may cause discomfort to other people.

Mental health issues are seen as a weakness rather than being a sign that something isn’t right.

I remember suffering from depression for a big part of my life. It wasn’t until I started journaling that I started acknowledging who I truly am, what are my needs, where do I betray myself to please others, what stories did I have buried deep in my subconscious mind, and asking other tough questions that brought me more and more in alignment with self-love and self-acceptance to the point that depression vanished.

Emotional Health Benefits of journaling

Emotional Health Benefits

Mental and emotional health go hand in hand. Many mental health issues are the result of repressed emotions.

If we were taught to pause and check within, how are we feeling, and then to address negative emotions in a healthy way, many mental health issues would not have the momentum to develop.

Journaling is another way to bring those emotions to the surface and to transfer them from our system into the paper.

As we start doing this on a regular basis we keep our integrity and truth to ourselves by stopping abandoning ourselves.

Health benefits of Journaling

Physical Health Benefits

As an energy healer, I know that our bodies are the ultimate manifestation of our mental and emotional health.

Journaling is a great way to bring our true feelings to the surface to be examined with new and fresh eyes.

When we change our perspective from old stories, beliefs, and emotions we will see that change reflected in our physical health.

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