Ostara Journaling Prompts Mixed Media Folio


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The Ostara Journaling Prompts Folio is designed to ignite your creativity and deepen your connection with the awakening energies of spring.

Within these pages, You’ll find some prompts inspired by the essence of Ostara, the vernal equinox. Embrace the spirit of renewal as you explore themes of growth, balance, and transformation.

Whether you’re seeking to harness the vibrant energy of the season, cultivate gratitude for new beginnings, or reflect on the journey of personal growth, this folio offers some dedicated space for journaling for this Sabbat.


Ostara Blessing

With Ostara’s arrival,
May new beginnings unfold
And blessings abound.
  • Theme: Ostara Sabbat
  • Main colours: Blue, Green, Yellow
  • Pages: Collage
  • 1 Signature
  • approx 8 pages front and back, 4 prompts, Envelop, pockets, and large journaling cards
  • Approx size: 14.5 x 20.5 cm
  • Plenty of writing space
  • Bound with elastic so you can add more pages

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