Winterland With A Pop Of Colour: Blue Butterflies Junk Journal | Handmade Notebook Gift for Writing


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Amidst the blanket of winter’s quiet, use a pop of color to brighten your day as you illuminate the page with the brilliance of your spirit.


In winter’s hush, where frosty whispers lie,

Blue butterflies dance underneath the chilled sky.

Their wings, a canvas of azure hue,

Fluttering dreams in a world anew.


Amidst the snow, a silent symphony,

Each delicate flight, a whispered plea,

To paint the bleak with hues of grace,

And in the cold, find a warmer place.


Through barren branches, they gracefully glide,

A beacon of hope, where shadows hide.

In the winter time of our lives, they say,

Even the smallest flutter can light the way.


So let the blue butterflies take flight,

In the depths of winter’s darkest night.

For in their dance, we find the key,

To embrace the beauty in simply being free.


  • Theme: Nature
  • Main colours: Brown & Blue
  • Pages: coffee, tea-dyed paper, and recycled book pages
  • 3 Signatures
  • approx 80 pages front and back
  • Approx size: 15 x 2.5 x 11 cm
  • Plenty of writing space

Please note, this is a small batch of 7 journals. Even though they all have the same structure decorations may vary slightly.

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