Winterland With A Pop Of Colour: Green Foliage Junk Journal | Handmade Notebook Gift for Writing


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Amidst the blanket of winter’s quiet, use a pop of color to brighten your day as you illuminate the page with the brilliance of your spirit.


In winter’s grasp, when all seems still,
Green foliage stands against the chill.
A symbol of life in frozen lands,
Where hope persists, where courage stands.

Amidst the white, a verdant sight,
A promise of spring, a guiding light.
Through icy winds and bitter cold,
The emerald leaves their story told.

In the winter time of our lives, they grow,
A reminder that even in darkness, we sow.
For beneath the snow, roots intertwine,
And from the frost, new shoots entwine.

So let the green foliage bloom and thrive,
In the heart of winter, they’re alive.
For in their resilience, we find our own,
A testament to strength, brightly shown.


  • Theme: Nature
  • Main colours: Brown & Green
  • Pages: coffee, tea-dyed paper, and recycled book pages
  • 3 Signatures
  • approx 80 pages front and back
  • Approx size: 15 x 2.5 x 11 cm
  • Plenty of writing space

Please note, this is a small batch of 7 journals. Even though they all have the same structure decorations may vary slightly.

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