Winterland With A Pop Of Colour: Yellow Birds Junk Journal | Handmade Notebook Gift for Writing


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Amidst the blanket of winter’s quiet, use a pop of color to brighten your day as you illuminate the page with the brilliance of your spirit.


In the winter’s grasp, where cold winds blow,
Yellow birds flit with a radiant glow.
Amidst the frost, their feathers shine bright,
A symbol of joy in the darkest night.

Through barren branches and snowy plains,
They sing of hope, dispelling strains.
Their melody echoes through the cold,
A reminder that warmth can still unfold.

In the winter time of our lives, they soar,
With wings of gold, they open the door.
To dreams untold and futures unseen,
Where sunlight breaks through the gloom serene.

So let the yellow birds take flight,
In the heart of winter, a beacon of light.
For in their song, we find the way,
To embrace the dawn of a brand-new day.

  • Theme: Nature
  • Main colours: Brown & Yellow
  • Pages: coffee, tea-dyed paper, and recycled book pages
  • 3 Signatures
  • approx 80 pages front and back
  • Approx size: 15 x 2.5 x 11 cm
  • Plenty of writing space

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