Owl Journey Junk Journal | Handmade Notebook Gift for Writing


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Owl Journey Junk Journal, Handmade Notebook Gift for Writing, Handmade Notebook, Junk Journal Gift

Embrace the journey of life as your sacred quest, for with each step taken and lesson learned, wisdom blooms within your soul, illuminating the path to your highest potential.

In the night, the owl takes flight,
Guiding me on a journey of light.
With wisdom’s wings, I soar and sing,
In the pages of my journal, my truths spring.

  • Theme: Nature
  • Main colours: Brown
  • Pages: coffee, tea-dyed paper, and recycled book pages
  • 5 Signatures
  • approx 100 pages front and back
  • Approx size: 10.5 x 14.5 x 1 cm
  • Plenty of writing space

Please note, this is a small batch of 5 journals. Even though they all have the same structure decorations may vary slightly.


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