The Power of Writing, a Poem by Emma Evelyn

Poem: The Power Of Writing

A pen to create the word

Spoken with each verse

I serve

My heart

My art

The healing

Through the feeling

As thoughts turn to form

As I peer at my emotions on the page

I see the sage inside of me

Speaking a language that without words

I could not see

Oh the need for the mirror

A reflection

To aid ourselves through introspection

Oh writing

You nourish me when I’m fighting with myself

A space to calm and ease

The many voices that speak

Oh, my journal how you help me to believe

To feel free

You remind me of the need

To offer a space to be seen


This is why I love the written and spoken word

It’s the place I come to first

It welcomes me at my worst

The beauty and the mess

How I am blessed to know the power of writing

How inviting it feels to see yourself without judgment

As I read the direction of my inner compass

I see in the confusion my North Star

I see the language of my heart

So, if you’re confused where to go

Know that your writing will offer you clarity

And peace

So put your pen to a piece of paper

The notebook you’ve never opened

And watch the magic of words that were once unspoken

Now your soul has awoken

About the Author:

Emma Evelyn

Emma is a writer that expresses her soul in a multitude of ways.
Listening to her inner-voice, she writes poetry that she then transmits and empowers through her voice.

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